P4B Reflective Friday 28.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have continued with developing our understanding of bigger numbers, looking at thousands and tens of thousands. We also investigated using symbols in maths. We concentrated on meaning of greater and less than and did lots of examples using the < > symbols.

This week we began our own survey, by creating a question with five answers that we would use show our understanding of collecting and using information.


In writing we created a detailed description using the character Hagrid. We used our understanding of WOW words to think about how we could make our descriptions better.

In spelling this week we looked back over the past three weeks of  rules. It was great to see how much we remembered. We had great discussions about the meaning of a root word and long and short vowel sounds and how they can change the rule.

Other areas

In PE this week we carried on developing our skills in basketball. Our focus on dribbling allowed us to work in pairs. We learned how to shoot the basketball which was quite tricky.

In topic we used our learning about the characteristics of living things and explored our playground looking for evidence of things we could describe as living. We took the IPADS out to take photographs.