P1 Home Learning- Thursday 4th October 2018


Thank you so much for your permission for using e-journals. If you have not completed the permission form then please contact the class teacher or office so you can pick up a form. We can then begin sharing our learning with you at home.

This is the last week that we will send home new sounds and tricky words before the October holiday. We will be having a revision week in literacy next week.


The sounds we have been focusing on this week are: c, k and ck.

Tricky words: ‘me’ and ‘is’

Please continue to use the flashcards daily at home. We are focusing on reading 3 letter words in class.


Please focus on the ‘an’ and ‘at’ ending words on the game above.

Numeracy & Maths

Please focus on number 9 on the numeracy home learning wall

Count backwards within the range 1-20 stopping and starting at different numbers.

You may want to use a number line to help you.


100 square

In class we have been learning:

  • to recognise 2D shapes within 3D objects
  • finding how many altogether. (2 bears are in this circle and 3 bears in this square, how many bears altogether?)
  • counting backwards from 20
  • recognising numerals to 20 and beyond

Other Curricular Areas

We have been learning:

  • the colours in french- rouge, vert, bleu and jaune
  • to construct a model of a chair for one of the three bears using lots of different materials
  • the names of the characters- Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy, Mum and Dad- in preparation for beginning reading in class/home.

Learning Through Play

  • Spotting 2D shapes and 3D objects in play opportunities
  • Using the language ‘larger than’ and ‘smaller than’
  • Sharing space and resources
  • Mixing colours in water play

We hope you have a lovely weekend when it comes.