Our Learning in P6N w/c 1.10.18


In literacy we learnt how to do the Character Captain Role on Friend or Foe in our literacy circles. We told the reader about the character (David). Then we told the reader a word we thought David was e.g. determined, loyal or brave. Finally, we found quotes from the book as proof that the character is what you described he/she as. 

In spelling, the rule this week was ‚Äėsion‚Äô¬†says ‚Äėshun‚Äô e.g.¬†conclusion or¬†depression.

Thanks to Abbie and Holly for writing this part of the blog.


What we have been learning in Maths!                                                                      

In¬†math’s¬†we have¬†learnt¬† how¬†to do smile¬†multiplication.¬† Smile¬†multiplication¬†is when use the ten times table or one with¬†another 0 in the units. This is how you do it

20 x 70 you do         2 x 7 =14   then add the zeros which would make 1400

Please see the videos for an explanation.

We also made an all about divisibility poster and that explained what divisibility is and the rules for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

In Beat That’s we were  learning how to get quicker and we all tried to get a personal best.

We also learned how to multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 100.

Thanks to James for writing this maths summary.

Other Areas:


This week in music we were learning about sound maps. In groups we had to come up with a story about space and what things we could use to make that sound. We got to share it with the class and we gave feedback to each other.     


This week for our topic we were making posters on a specific planet. We were in groups and had to reasearch as much as possible about our planet. As a class we came up with star steps for our posters and even got shown some examples.   


This week in P.E. we were learning about rugby. First we had to try to get each others tags off so it was like tackling. Then we got to play a wee match of rugby in teams and the way we tackled each other was if we pulled their tag off.     


This year every year group had to choose a charity to support. Mrs Imrie would like the fundraising ideas to be original. P6 are doing Social Bite and the way we are planning to support them is to do a wee sleep out. Just like what people do in the park.

Primary 6 are going to present our research on different charities at assembly to help other year groups decide on who they would like to support.

Thanks to Anna for writing this part of the blog.