P2c Reflective Friday 5.10.18

Thank you for coming to Parent’s evening this week. As always, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This week we have been revising spelling words with wh and th sounds.

We have been learning about lists. We discussed what types of lists we might make and then we wrote a list of things Polly Jean might need to prepare for her pyjama party.

Our group’s  Tricky word focus this week was :

plums – was want

shoes – some, come, one

trees and doors – mother, another, other ( brother)

We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class.

You may wish to use our Spelling City class page to play games and revise the tricky spelling words. n.b. this site works best on a laptop, but there is a free app available for tablets

cursive writing formation


Numeracy and Maths

Our whole class focus has been on counting in tens OFF the decade ( with support or challenge where appropriate )

We have also looked at writing numbers in the 100s, recognising that hundreds numbers have 3 digits. And that 126 =100, 20 and 6

We enjoy playing this online game to reinforce our learning about tens and units. We even tried the 100s version. You may wish to play at home too. 

Other areas of the curriculum.

In PE we are beginning a block of gymnastics – starting with jumping and landing.

In assembly P3T shared their learning about the emergency services with us.

We discussed what we already knew about octopus and then investigated some more. We learned that Octopus have three hearts, blue blood, two rows of suckers on each tentacle and that they spray ink to escape from predators.