P2M What we have been learning this week 05.10.18


We were so excited this week because we received a letter from Polly Jean Pyjama Queen! We couldn’t believe it! She even suggested for us to have our own party! We had to create a list of what we would need at our party. This included teddies, cake and balloons.

In Handwriting, we have started learning the cursive letter g. We found this tricky but will keep doing this next week.


In Reading, we have our group books and are enjoying them. One group had to sequence their story and others had to answer questions. Some were tricky.

In Spelling, wh and th were our sounds (third, thump, wheel and whip) and we have worked on these tricky words: his, put, was, want, saw and no.

Maths and Numeracy 

This week in our groups we have been practising adding two groups together by using counters and counting forwards and backwards.

We also started looking at different pieces of information – information handling. We had to read the table/graph and ask a question. For example, what pet was the most popular.

We enjoyed using the ipads to play an adding game.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In Topic, we learnt about octopuses and giraffes. Did you know octopuses have blue blood and are poisonous? We then made our own! They looked cool.
  • In P.E. we started gymnastics. We thought about our jumping – making sure we land on two feet.


Next week we are going to have our own pyjama party on Friday! If you wish you can bring a pair of pyjamas to change into in school! Also, you can bring in an animal cuddly toy (that you can hold) to come along to the party too!