P4B Reflective Friday 5.10.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have been creating our own true or false statements using greater or less than and becoming experts in using the symbols < >.

We also worked on creating new ways to get to an answer in addition. We have really enjoyed trying to come up with strategies that we can explain to others.


We read information about looking after a bird and used our comprehension skills to identify the important bits and then used this to create our own information sheet.

In spelling this week we looked at adding on ed to the end of words. It was great to see that the rules that we have already learned to do with root words and long and short vowel sounds still help us. We practiced using an activity called code words. Here are the words.

clamped               gasped

granted              stranded

murdered            fainted

enjoyed                haunted

explained             leaked

Other areas

In French we have been learning how to greet one another, we can now say hello and and how we are feeling and also what is your name. This week we moved on to numbers so we can ask someones age. Its great fun all learning together.