P4G Reflective Friday WB 1st October 2018

What we have been learning in P4G this week.


  • Our spelling pattern was adding ed endings.

ed endings

  • We were describing Mr Twit by writing a paragraph using descriptive words.
  • We looked for VCOP features in Cafe Chocolat.
  • We looked for descriptions in an extract called The Thing in the Basement.
  • In cursive writing we learnt how to write w, x and z.
  • We made a new front cover for our reading books including key information such as book title, author and illustrator.



  • We have revised greater than, less than and equals signs.


  • We continued to work on our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • We played Jigsaw Number bingo. (For example, for jigsaw numbers to 100 we might say 20 add what makes 100; a challenge might be 12 add what makes 100?)
  • Here is an example of a challenge sheet we’ve worked on using different numeracy skills.


  • We took our learning outside to make pictograms of outdoor objects.


Other Areas:

  • In Art we sketched pictures of living things.
  • In PE we worked on different netball passes: chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass.
  • We thought about our feelings and emotions in Resilience.
  • In living things we started to think about classification and found out about vertebrates and invertebrates.  Can you remember what these words mean?  See the link below to the video we used:


Thank you for all your helpful feedback at Parents’ Evening- it was lovely to meet everyone.