P5HW learning this week 5/10/18

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We have started to work on compass points. We linked it to our work on angles.

In number work we did word problems which were very tricky.

Ideas of tables, ideas to practise at home will follow!


Here is what we did in spelling this week.

Tricky words so far are should, could , would, world, word, where, were sigh , high ,learn ,earth, because , people , very and every.

We wrote blurbs for our Greyfriars Bobby book covers.

We wrote a list of things we think we should pack to go to camp.

We wrote our own report about how we have done in P5 so far, for Parent’s Night.

In Literacy Circles  we all took on different jobs . We read them out to our groups and then discussed them . We set our pages for Tuesday.


In Mandarin we revised numbers and were assisted in pronunciation by A  and I .They were great teachers!

In German we revised colours and played corners .

In French we  talked about the weather and used our weather dice to play a game.


We did more work on the 4 layers  and what they are like.They are Forest Floor, Understorey , Canopy and Emergent.

We are creating  a Rainforest in the class. It is a work in progress!

We mad up a kit list for camp ….

We can’t wait for Wednesday!