P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 8.10.18

Here is a summary of our learning in P4G this week:


  • We used our senses to write a paragraph about our playground.
  • We completed our cursive alphabet so we are now ready to start all of our joins.


  • We worked on our comprehension skills.
  • In Spelling we added ed endings to words where we need to double the consonant, for example: drop becomes dropped.  See link below.

Week 5 ed endings


  • In Reading we looked at characterisation.


Numeracy and Maths:

  • We gathered information using a questionnaire that we made up and made them into a bar chart or a pictogram.
  • In Place Value we looked at rounding up and down to the nearest 10.


  • We continued to work on our jigsaw numbers to 10, 20 and 100.
  • We are still trying to get faster and more accurate at our beat thats.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Other Areas:

  • In ICT we worked on making Powerpoints about Living Things- Vertebrates.
  • Mrs Richie came to give the class a talk about living things including how living things began, habitats, evolution and extinction.
  • In PE we worked on our defending skills and on fitness.

Have a great HOLIDAY and we will see you on Tuesday 23rd October!

(Apologies for the upside down pictures!)