P2c Reflective Friday 12.10.18

Have a fantastic holiday week, we look forward to seeing you all back on the Tuesday 23rd of October to a newly painted classroom !


  • We have been working on the ai and ay spelling sounds this week. We found it easier to read the words rather than spell them. We will work on this more next week. Examples of words are mail, jail, hay, day, way, say, rain, pain. In general the ai sound is in the middle of words and the ay comes at the end.
  • In writing we received a thank you letter from the animals in Polly Jean and they asked us to reply telling them about a party we had been to.
  • We were hunting in our reading books for words with 2, 3, 4, 5 or more than 5 letters.

Our group’s  Tricky word focus this week was :

plums – was, saw, he

shoes – here, there, were

trees and doors – friend, house


We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class.

You may wish to use our Spelling City class page to play games and revise the tricky spelling words. n.b. this site works best on a laptop, but there is a free app available for tablets

cursive writing formation


Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been applying our numeracy knowledge to solve practical problems e.g.  “we have 19 cups but there are 25 people coming to the party, how many more do I need to buy?”


Other areas of the curriculum.

We have learned about bears and discovered so many types of bear which we hadn’t heard of before – e.g. the spectacled bear, the sun bear, the moon bear and the sloth bear.

We also learned that a Koala is NOT a bear even though people sometimes call it one. We had fun joining in with a song called Please don’t call me a Koala Bear 


In drama we enjoyed acting out and playing instruments along to the story of Mr Gumpy’s Outing.

in music we continued to explore how we can use our voices in different ways. We are also using our motor skills while keeping a steady beat

We enjoyed making party hats and then wearing them to our Pyjama party on Friday.

Our ‘big box building’ area has prompted lots of creativity, teamwork and fantastic vocabulary.