Home Learning- Thursday 25th October 2018

Welcome back to school everyone!

We have freshly painted classrooms to welcome us this week. You will have a chance to see next week at our ‘Drop-In’ session on Friday 2nd November.  We will be sharing our learning with you.


We have started to organise focused reading time in our classrooms. We will begin to send reading home one group at a time. Please make sure that your child’s purple folder comes to school each day. The reading book will be changed weekly.


This week we are focusing on all initial sounds covered and the new sounds are:

Sounds: ‘j’ and ‘v’

Tricky words: ‘his’ and ‘put’

We have been recognising the beginning, middle and end sounds in words beginning with ‘j’ and ‘v’.

Please spend time using the sound flashcards at home.

Numeracy & Maths

Please focus on activity ‘4’ from the home learning wall- ‘Beat the clock’.

This week we have been learning:

  • creating a block graph in a group
  • creating and answering questions about the graph- which is the most popular? least popular?
  • identifying the missing number in a number sequence

Other Curricular Areas

We have been learning:

  • about the festival ‘Diwali’. This will be continued into next week.
  • to count to 10 in French and take part in counting games in a foreign language.
  • to improve our skills in ‘gymnastics’.

Learning Through Play

We have been experiencing:

  • collaging using outdoor materials
  • developing our problem solving skills in the ‘big box’ area
  • planning and creating a new role play area. More details to follow.