P2M – What we have been learning this week 26.10.18


In handwriting, we continued to practise cursive. This week we started “q” and “qu”. Some of us found this tricky. We will keep doing this next week.


In Spelling, we revised ai and ay. We then studied “ee” words. We know that ther ee sounds like “E” as in “green”. Please see our word bank below. We also were introduced to “best friends”. They are letters that “always go together” – 2 letters 1 sound, 1 sound 2 letters. We show best friends by putting a line under them.


ee word bank

When we practise our sounds we love having conversations with each other using the vowels – a e i o u. Some of them are quite loud!

Just now we are focusing on writing about experiences. This week we wrote about our October break. We had to try to include describing words, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Maths and Numeracy

In Numeracy we revised number patterns. Some of us need to keep on practising this. In Maths we looked at Information Handling. We were learning how to collect information. We used tally marks to make our information clearer. We enjoyed asking people their favourite things!


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In P.E. we continue with gymnastics. We were balancing using some of our body parts. We found this quite tricky.
  • In Health and Wellbeing we are trying to find different ways to help us cope with our emotions. We did some mindfulness colouring. We felt calm, happy and relaxed when we were doing this!

Next week the Book Fair is in school! P2M’s slots are on Wednesday and Friday. If you would like your child to purchase a book then please give them money on one of these days.

adorable blur bookcase books

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com