P3T WB 23/10/18

Welcome back!

This week we have been busy working on the Lighthouse Keeper stories. We have been busy learning how to use commas in a list, making predictions and will continue the story next week. Reading groups will start next week and books will be issued on Friday.

In Maths we have been counting up and down in hundreds eg 456, 556, 656 up to 1000.  We have been looking at which digit changes.

We have started Talk Partners to help us share our ideas. We devised a set of success criteria to be a good talk partner. they include: face each other, listen to each other, talk about the work, encourage each other, share ideas, help explain things and finally, be nice if you don’t agree.

Next week we will have spelling work on Spellingcity.com so we can practise at home if we wish. Details will be on the  blog.

Next week our days for the book fair are Monday, Thursday and Friday.

We will be doing some work on road safety (be bright, be seen) and bonfire night safety. Could everyone bring in an ‘average’ sized teddy bear for or on Friday.

This term PE continues to be on a Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you, enjoy your weekend.