P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 22nd October

What we have been learning in P4G this week.


  • We continued to learn how to use description in our writing by describing our journey to school.
  • We drew new covers for the novel Storm.
  • We learnt about haiku poems and their syllable patterns and wrote our own about the theme of Autumn.
  • In Spelling, our pattern was ‘al that makes an o sound’ for example: talk.  See link below

Week 6 spelling words

Numeracy and Maths:

  • In Maths we made some Venn Diagrams about animals, using the categories fur and tails.  Please find a link to Venn diagrams below:


  • We practised our beat thats, see links below

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • We revised rounding to ten and worked on our jigsaw numbers.

Can you round the following numbers to their nearest 10? 24, 39, 17, 85, 172, 55.  What are the rules you need to remember when rounding to ten?


Other Areas:

  • In Living Things we started to learn about invertebrates.  We used the internet to find information to make posters.
  • We did some Cosmic Yoga Mindfulness linked to our Resilience learning.  We are looking at ways to cope with stress and drew dragons to represent some of our own moods.  We made posters all about ways of dealing with stress.  Can you think of good ways to deal with stressful situations?
  • We moved tables and made our new names based on Youtubers and Youtube channels.
  • Some of us had our flu immunisations.


On Monday, we look forward to the Halloween Disco.  Next week is our school book fair.  P4G will be visiting the fair on Tuesday and Wednesday.