Primary One Reading

Good morning everyone,

Reading has started coming home! How exciting!

A few top tips for supporting us and your child with reading:

  • We have included a little ‘Reading Guide’ inside each reading record to help you at home.
  • Please make sure that the reading clear folder is inside your child’s purple folder each day. We will be working on reading skills each day in class.
  • We will note the date and title of the book inside the reading record each week.
  • The reading record is a great way for us to communicate with you if there is something you should focus on with your child.
  • It would be fantastic if you could sign the reading record each week to show us that you have completed the reading home learning with your child.
  • If your child has done something particularly well with their reading/phonics at home then please comment in the reading record. For example: “Well done John, you read well this evening.” or “Jane sounded out ‘tap’ well tonight.”

Not every child will have a reading book home this week. We are staggering when reading books come home but we are ALL working on reading skills in class.

All children will have a reading book home by the end of next week.

If your child doesn’t have a reading book yet then please continue to build and blend the sounds in three letter words at home.