Our Learning in P6N w/c 22nd October

This week we have read some more of ‘Friend or Foe’. We then wrote David’s Diary as a personal reflection about Tucky and David discovering two German soldiers and considering whether the boys should help them or not. We also participated in a Drama activity, Corridor of Thought.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we have been learning to use Venn diagrams to group multiples. We have learned about factors and common multiples. For one of our morning challenges, we had to use a combination of given numbers to try to reach the given total, by either adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying.

In our learning about Space, we have been learning about space shuttles. As part of this, we also learnt about the preparations as astronauts prepare for take off, for example, the different people helping the astronauts to get their seat belts on. We have been working in our co-operative learning teams to undertake some more work on our posters about planets.

We have been learning to create questions in our Literature Circles for the rest of our reading group to answer.

In German, we learnt how to introduce ourselves, greetings, .say our name, age, where we live.