Our Learning in P6N w/c 29th October


  • We got to choose our new reading books.  Reading is issued on a Tuesday and due to be completed by the following Tuesday.
  • We watched a spooky film clip called ‘Alma’  We had to create a synopsis for the film.
  • We used an important scene from Friend or Foe to complete a ‘Literary Luminary’ task.
  • We explored the roles of the Literature Circles.  Our first meeting is on Tuesday.


  • Learned a new strategy for adding large numbers – Diamond Addition
  • We learned about telling the time in a 24hour format
  • We learned a new strategy for multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers- Grid Method
  • We learned about a Shuttle launch count down
  • We explored train timetables and linked this to 24 hour time

Other Curricular Areas

  • We attended the book fair
  • We learned the colours in German
  • We helped as tour guides for the school open day
  • We learned some Scottish dances
  • We worked on our Space Posters and presentations
  • We decided our HWB targets for our Learning Stories
  • In ICT we learned about spreadsheeets on Excel
  • We worked with our P1 buddies to create a monster that we will make into a soft toy using our sewing skills
  • Halloween and Guy Fawkes assembly
  • We enjoyed the mums and dads visiting us on Friday