P2M What have we been learning? Week Ending 2.11.18


  • In phonics we have been learning to use ee and ea when reading and spelling words. Examples of the words are meet, feet, read, leap, seed, seal.

  • We have continued to work on spelling tricky words such as want, was, saw, put and his.
  • We have been working on different skills in our reading groups such as sequencing events from the story, reading key words and offering ideas about the main ideas in the book.
  • We also identified adjectives (describing words) and are going to build on this next week.


  • We have been using tally marks as part of information handling.
  • We have been working on saying two more and two less than numbers (e.g. two less than 25 is 23).
  • We have been looking at ten frames and dice patterns and recognising the number patterns quickly.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We have had great fun learning gymnastics skills in PE.
  • We developed a bank of strategies that the children can refer to when they are feeling stressed. Each child has chosen a particular strategy which they would like to work on over the next few weeks to see if it helps them.
  • We looked at leaves with magnifying glasses then created autumn inspired art work.

We have also enjoyed working with Miss Mackie, a student teacher, who will be with P2M over the next few weeks.