P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 29th October

What we have been learning this week in P4G.


  • In Reading we were looking at Bloom’s Taxonomy questioning skills.  We have worked on the super powers of: remembering, understanding and applying.  We became the teachers and created worksheets of questions for our partners about the novel Storm.  Thanks to all the parents who came to join us in this learning.
  • We worked on Halloween comprehension.
  • We looked at the correct use of question marks and wrote questions about some very strange pictures.
  • In Spelling we looked at the patterns ar and or.

Here is a list of examples: shark, yard, artist, alarm, orbit, forty, horse, core, inform. 

Challenge words: enlarged, artistic, uniform, fortieth. 

Tricky words: only, little

  • We practised all of our cursive letters.


  • We continued to work on Venn diagrams and started to work on Carroll Diagrams, please see the link below.


  • We worked on our rounding skills: we priced some food and rounded it up or down to the nearest 10.  We each completed a shopping list and talked about why rounding might be helpful in a shop situation.  Can you think about
  • We continued to try to get faster at our beat that sums; see sheets below:

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Other Areas:

  • In Living Things we worked on invertebrate posters and vertebrate powerpoints.
  • We finished our posters about ways to de-stress for our Resilience ‘Take a Moment’ unit.
  • In Outdoor Learning we made stick skeletons to celebrate Halloween.
  • We enjoyed our visits to the Book Fair.
  • In PE we worked on fitness skills.

What have we enjoyed this week?

We enjoyed the parent drop in and Halloween; we liked finishing our powerpoints.

Any challenges?

Bloom’s Taxonomy was quite challenging.