P7M Magical Madrid blog 


This week in Maths we have been learning about measure; how to estimate and calculate perimeter and area using formulae. 

In Literacy we have been putting the finishing touches to our Coraline display of art and poetry.   We wrote a variety of acrostic, sonnet and haiku poems. In addition, we have been overwriting a few paragraphs of a story called The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone in order to uplevel our writing to a more sophicsticated level and engage the reader. 

During P.E. we have been beginning to learn the first few steps of the Gay Gordons for our P7 Ceilidh in December. 

In social studies we received a very exciting visit from an MSP called Ian Clark who presented a talk and a workshop where we had our very own debate on whether animals should be allowed to perform in circuses; the majority vote was that it should be banned.  

On Wednesday we had an awesome trip to Liberton High School where over the course of the day we learnt different skills, activities and competed against 13 other schools. We performed our very best and we received several different awards.  We returned home with two trophies for 1st place in Athletics and Boys’ Rugby, 2nd place for Dance and three 3rd places for Girls’ Rugby, Taekwondo and Boys’ Football.  We also took 1st for Best Dressed! 

This week we have also had a few of our p7s helping out at the Book Fair and they all worked very well and cooperatively to raise a fabulous amount of money. 

As you can tell we have had an incredible week and are looking forward to the next one ahead of us. Have a fab weekend everyone!! 

 Written by 2 girls and 2 boys from P7M