Our Learning in P6N w/c 5th November


In literacy we learned how to write a synopsis for a short film. The short film was called Alma. It was about a little girl. She wrote on a wall and a doll pops up she goes inside the shop and gets sucked in to it.

In our class novel Friend or Foe, we sorted quotations from the book in to chronological order. We mapped the change in point of view of the main character David and discussed how this had changed over time.

Thanks to Finlay for writing this section of the blog.

We also held our first Literature Circle meetings – these were very successful! We have been reminded to think about our role for next week while we are completing our reading homework.



  • working out time calculations using bus/train timetables and tv schedules
  • calculating the duration of events
  • converting between units of time (minutes to hours)


  • explaining what a factor is and working out all of the factor pairs of a number
  • identifying and explaining what prime numbers are
  • using a range of strategies to complete written calculations in the clic test
  • developing our speed and accuracy of mental maths in the Beat That tests
  • using the grid method to complete 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication calculations. (please see video)

Other Areas of the Curriculum

  • We have been finishing our space posters. We have been given a planet to research about and you need to, in a group, make an eye-catching poster to present to the class. I think everyone is enjoying doing the Space Posters and are looking forward to presenting them. 
  • In ICT we have been learning about formulas and the names of the bars in Excel. We have enjoyed this because our class likes to learn something new every day. 
  • We have been carrying on our knowledge of sewing and we have been sketching and planning our P1 buddies designs in order to make an attractive toy you could buy out of a shop. I think we are all excited to do this for our buddies and our buddies are excited to get them too. We have not started yet but I think it will be a real challenge.
  • We have continued to respond to Holst’s Planet Suite and will soon be creating our own pieces of music.
  • A new Resilience topic, ‘Talk Things Over’ was launched in assembly this week.
  • We are super excited that we now have permission from the council to take part in the wee sleep out!  It will be happening on Thursday 15th November to raise money for Social Bite –  a homeless charity.

Thanks to Amelie for writing this section of the blog.