Our learning this week in P7R!

This week in P7R we have been very busy!


We were learning about the techniques involved in writing horror/ghost stories and how to build suspense.

We thought about metaphors and similes in chapter 8 or Coraline.

We were thinking about how verbs may change their spelling according to which tense is being used (past, present and future).


We finished off learning about Area started estimating and measuring the volume of some items around the school.

Other curricular areas

Mix up Mondays! We were learning French, German and RME.

All of P7 have been getting very excited about our election campaign and we have been planning our pitch for next week.

We had a very interesting talk about non renewable energy.

We are now all professionals at the Gay Gordons and The Canadian Barn Dance and can’t wait for the Ceilidh next month!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!