P2M – what we have been learning this week 09.11.18


In Handwriting we have been practising the letter ‘s’. Some of us are finding this tricky – we will keep doing this next week.


In Spelling, we have been looking at the sound I. We know it can be written as y (my, sky, spy and by) and igh (night, knight, light and tight). We have also been practising our tricky words from block one and two.

In Writing, we were learning to write about an experience. We had to try to include describing words, full stops, finger spaces and capital letters. We did a great job!

Maths and Numeracy

In Numeracy, we were spotting patterns to see what numbers we had in our ten frames. We thought this was okay and managed well.

We also practised our number recognition to 20 by playing different games.


In Maths, we used our knowledge of tally marks to collect information and started to present this using block/bar graphs. We enjoyed this!

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In HWB, our new Building Resilience topic is “Talk it over”. One thing we were to do to help us talk things through is make a worry monster! They look cool!



In P.E. we are continuing with gymnastics. We were creating sequences by using our skills of balancing, jumping, travelling and rolling. We will keep doing this next week.

We started our topic – “The Body”. We looked at the sense this week. These are touch, see, hear, taste and smell. We had to feel what was in different cups – this was fun!

Christmas Card designs for the Mp’s competition are being sent home. If you would like your child to enter then please return the card and the permission slip. Thanks.