P4B Reflective Friday 9.11.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We are going to begin our new topic of time in maths next week. So we worked on a KWHL grid to find out,

K – What we know already

W – What we would like to know

H – How we think we would like to learn about it

We had some great ideas and my favourite part was the childrens knowledge of time devices. One child said when they want to find out the time the just ask Alexa.

We also carried on with our beat thats, the children chose how they would like to practice, with some using flashcards on the IPADS and others using whiteboards and testing eachother. I have attached a copy of our levels for you to practice at home.





We continued to use our description skills to write a paragrah about our favourite place. We added another focus this week which was using amazing openers to interest the reader. We did lots of practice and investigated using our ERIC books, seeing how many amazing openers we could find.

In spelling this week we had fun creating our own wordsearches with our words.  Here they are

yard             shark

artist           alarm

carve            cork

forty            orbit

horse          inform

Other areas

We carried on looking at the skills of shading in art, last week we looked at crosshatching and this week we learned all about stippling. This is where you use lots of little dots to create areas of light and dark. We used our own self portraits to do this.

We used all the skills we have developed in basketball and had a games lesson. It was fantastic to see the children thinking about how to move the ball quickly and find space on the court.