We have been so busy getting ready for our awsome assembly next Friday we have done a whole-class blog post this week;

We have spent lots of time preparing for our assembly. Our assembly is going to be on The Rainforest and Broomlee! We have been busy learning our parts, can you please help us practise at home making sure that our voice is loud, clear, confident and not too fast. Some of us have got outfits to prepare, can these please be taken in on Monday so we have them for our rehearsals.

** It is a dress down day on Friday, please come in your SCHOOL UNIFORM (or outfit for the assembly) and take your dress down in your bag.**

Can you please help us learn this song for our assembly


We have been learning about metaphors and using them to create a character description. We drew our own character and had to describe them using similes and metaphors and next week we are going to try and match up each other’s’ characters with their descriptions. Here are some examples;

We started to learn about money. Can you please show us how you might buy things online, your debit and credit cards, let us pay for some things in shops, how to get cash out of an ATM and explain what bills you pay by direct debits because we have been learning all about these things in class.


We made firework posters with onomatopoeias, an onomatopoeia is when a word sounds like the noise it’s describing.

We have started using chimney sums in maths, ask us how to do a chimney sum and we will explain how to do one.

We made our own poppies to help us remember those who fought in all the wars.