Our Learning in P6N w/c 12th October


Class Novel – This week we finished our class novel Friend Or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. The whole class loved this book and can’t wait to read more of his work. Our task this week was to find evidence from the text to show if the Germans were friends or foes. Then we had to create a colorful poster with the evidence on it and then we put them in our learning stories.

Reading – This week in reading we had another meeting with our reading group to discuss our literature circle roles. We had to have a discussion director, an artful adventurer, a super summarizer, a literary luminary and a character captain. We shared our learning with our reading group and then discussed our roles for next week.

Spelling – This week in spelling we learned ous which says us. We had to split the words into syllables and then think of our own words. E.g. ner/vous, mar/vell/ous and con/tag/ious.

Topic – This week for our topic we had to carry on with our space shuttle launch story by upleveling some sentences and then continuing the story.


  • In maths we have been learning how to round in tens, hundreds, thousands and for some people tens of thousands
  • EG-3465 tens-3470 hundreds 3500 thousands-3000.
  • Also we have been doing our beat that’s and a new type of math’s called the clic test.  In the clic test we have to demonstrate our understanding of the different written methods of calculations.
  • Please see our video clip for an explanation:


In topic we have been learning about space. We learned how to up level sentences for example {my mind was racing with lots of different thoughts and question} is up leveled to {amazingly my mind zoomed with thousands of thoughts and questions }  

Sewing – Skills Time

During Skills Time we have been practicing sewing so we can make a soft sculpture for our P1 buddies. Our buddies have designed their monster toy and we have begun to make this out of felt.  We have been practising our sewing now for weeks so we are excited to finally start making the finsihed piece.