P4B Reflective Friday 16.11.18

Here is what we have learned this week


This week we have focussed on using analogue clocks to tell the time, revising oclock and moving on to half past, quarter to and quarter past. We had fun playing a game called stop the clock on the topmarks website. It would be great for the children to practice using this at home.

I have attached a copy of our levels  on beat thats for you to practice at home.





We looked at punctuation this week concentrating on how we can use question and exclamation marks appropriatley, We did lots of practice and investigated using our ERIC books, seeing how many question and exclamation marks we could find. We then used them in sentences and even for jokes.

In spelling this week we had fun creating our own wacky paragraphs with our words.  We are able to sound these words out, here they are,

first                thirst

girl                 squirm

burst              turnip

Thursday       curl

disturb           church

Other areas

The exciting news is that after working together in mixed class groups  using the outcomes we have to cover in P4, it was decided after a vote between Vikings and Romans, that our new topic would be Vikings. We  begun this week by working on a KWHL grid to find out,

K – What we know already

W – What we would like to know

We carried on developing our skills using powerpoint by creating one showing our understanding of our last topic on living things. This was a great way to display our learning.