P2M – What we have been learning this week 23.11.18


This week is Book Week Scotland! We’ve had fun doing lots of different activities! This included listening to a super funny storyteller, getting our Book Bags, Reading with P7M and watching an Author’s Live! We have decided to read with P7M weekly as we really enjoyed it!

In Spelling this week we have focused on the sound oa and ow. We know it sounds like o. This includes boat, toad, low and show. This was quite tricky so will keep doing this next week.

In Writing, we wrote about an experience and had to remember all of our star steps. Ask us about what they were!

We have been practising all of the cursive letters since the summer! This includes c, o, d, a, g, q and s.


We have been learning about equal groups. This means each group needs to have an equal amount. Try doing this at home – you can use anything!

We have also been learning about shapes. 2D and 3D. We are trying to name and describe them. For example we know a square has 4 equal sided sides. A cube is made up of squares.

Other areas of the curriculum

In HWB we have enjoyed meeting people’s Worry Monsters! We started our Dance block in P.E. We practised skipping and side stepping.

We have been learning about the Digestive System! It was cool!

We enjoyed decorating Christmas Tree decorations! The stars look very colourful.

We raised lots of money for Marie Curie by giving away our plants. Thank you all very much!

Finally, we have been weeding in the school playground. This was fun and a bit dirty!