P3M Book Talks

As discussed earlier this week, we would like everyone in P3M to give a short talk about their favourite book.

We have started preparing these in class and you should finish your preparation at home.  Perhaps you could ask someone to listen to your talk and give you some feedback.

We would like you to use some of the skills we have been learning during the term when giving your talk and would therefore like you to include the following:

  • a summary of the story covering the beginning, middle and ending.
  • a description of one of the characters from your chosen book.  Think about ‘inside (e.g. kind, helpful) and outside (e.g. brown hair, blue eyes)’ like we have been working on in class.

You should also give the book at rating out of five and explain your reasoning.

Your talk should last no more than two minutes and you should be ready to present your talk to the class from Monday 10 December.