P1 Home Learning- Week beginning 3.12.18


We have been working so hard preparing our Nativity for you all. A huge thank you to all parents/carers for supporting your child to learn lines or with costumes. We really do appreciate it.

As you will be aware, the Nativity has taken over our week this week so here is a brief overview of other learning in class.

Literacy/Numeracy/ Other Curricular Areas

We have been learning to:

  • identify the features of a card and writing our own Christmas Cards
  • revise all sounds and tricky words
  • add together two numbers on a number line. 6 + 3- start on 6 and jump along 3 from 6
  • count in steps of 2
  • ordering the planets- can you name the planets at home?

We can’t wait to share our Nativity with you next week!