P2c Reflective Friday – 2 weeks up to 14.12.18

Lots of pictures at the end of our post- please scroll right down to see them.

LITERACY We have been revising all our spelling sounds so far and also our tricky words. .

In writing we wrote a letter to P1 congratulating  them for their nativity performance. We also write invitations to our carol singing

Please continue to revise your tricky spelling  words using the spelling city word lists ( accessed via the link below)

We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class.

You may wish to use our Spelling City class page to play games and revise the tricky spelling words. n.b. this site works best on a laptop, but there is a free app available for tablets

Numeracy and maths

We have been very busy counting, sharing, measuring and using the language of comparing.

This paper chain is as long as 5 children.


Other areas of the curriculum.

A huge thank you to Rosie’s mum for coming in to talk to us about her job as a doctor. she said that kindness and good listening were the skills needed to be a good Doctor. We practice those skills every day !

Also any thanks to Abigail’s mum for talking to us about how germs spread- we learned lots, and got yellow ‘germy’  hands too.

We learned about our organs. We know what our and hearts, lungs do. We know that our skin is our largest organ.

We have been very busy practising Christmas songs and performed them in the chilly sunny weather on Thursday and Friday. We hope you enjoyed it.

We are also enjoying opening our Christmas facts advent calendar each day to learn about traditions round the world.

Nisse the Christmas Elf has been visiting our classroom. He left us a letter introducing himself  and reminding us to be kind to our friends.



By researching, I can describe the position and function of the skeleton and major organs of the human body and discuss what I need to do to keep them healthy.
I have explored my senses and can discuss their reliability and limitations in responding to the environment.
I know the symptoms of some common diseases caused by germs. I can explain how they are spread and discuss how some methods of preventing and treating disease benefit society.

Some of our questions:

  •  Find out about bones, how do they move?
  •  How do your bones get made?
  •  What are the lines in the middle of your hands? Are they veins? What are veins for?
  •  How do germs get back on to your hand once you have washed them?
  •  How do water and soap get germs off your hands?
  •  What are all the senses?
  •  Finding out what sports we can do to keep healthy.
  •  How does blood come out of your skin?
  •  How do all the different parts of your body work?
  •  Finding out about how your heart beats.
  •  How the germs get inside you?
  •  How do your adult teeth grow in?
  •  How does your brain work?
  •  How do your lungs/arms work? How do you breathe?
  •  How do you burp ?
  •  Why do we need oxygen?
  •  Why do our fingers go wrinkly when you swim?
  •  How do bones break ?
  •  How do germs spread ?
  •  Why is our skin different when we are young?
  •  How can you taste food?
  •  How does food turn into poo ?

If you have any expertise you could share with us around our topic please do get in touch.