P7F Reflective Friday 11/1/19

We were reminded how to use a protractor to measure an angle. We did this by being told by our teacher and we showed our learning by creating an instruction sheet with our learning partner. We discussed the different types of angles (acute, right angle, obtuse, reflex).
We learned how Christians celebrate Epiphany and WHAT this is. We now know about traditions in different parts of Europe. We used our reading skills (skimming and scanning) to learn about Epiphany and shared our learning with partners. This helped to reinforce our learning. We used writing, listening and talking as well as reading skills here.
Newsround has been particularly interesting this week and we learned about an animal in Queensland, Australia. It is called a Bluebottle and this is similar to a Portuguese Man of War. We were interested to find out more and so we watched a short clip from Blue Planet.
In science we learned about Renewable Energy and the 5 main sources. These are Solar, Wind, Hydro/water, Biomass and Geothermal. We used our researching skills and learned together as part of a group to gather information and create a poster to show our findings.
Our team skills were put to the test this week during our Basketball session with Ms Hastie. Mr Jackson helped us to build up our Resilience using exercise where we had to negotiate with our peers and work as a team. We all needed to make sure we followed the rules!!
Reminder – next week we are visiting the Hub to attend an Art of Listening workshop.

Have a lovely weekend!