18.1.19 P3M

Hello everyone

This week in numeracy we have been subtracting from a decade number (80-7), adding and subtracting in 10s,  sequencing numerals ,looking at the missing addend(15 add what makes 19?) and  developing early multiplication and division skills.

In mental maths we have been counting in 3s 4s and 10s and linking that to times tables. we have been practising our near doubles ( if 6+6 is 12, 6+7 will be 1 more).

In literacy we have continued to use our reading books to ask and answer both written and oral questions to develop our understanding of the text. New reading books will be given out on Monday and Tuesday.

We have been practising our new spelling words through a variety of activities. Please see earlier blog for link to Spelling City. We have started to use a textbook to practise grammar and consolidate our knowledge of punctuation.

In writing we were trying to engage the reader by starting our sentences in different ways. We worked with a learning partner to do this and shared our writing with each other.

Mary from NYCO started to work with the class . We sang and played lots of fun games. Mary will be with the class every Tuesday up to Easter.

We started using the laptops in class: practising logging on , using the mousepad and looking at the main functions of a keyboard.

We started to think about our new topic which will be about forces.

In French we were revising the numbers 0 to 20, playing lotto and trying to use the correct pronunciation.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M