P2M – What we have been learning this week 18.01.19


This week we have been learning about the magic e rule. We know the magic e is special – it makes a short vowel turn into a long vowel. This week we looked at magic e words with a. This included cap=cape, mat=mate, pan=pane and same=same.

We enjoyed our magic e word hunt. We had to find words hidden in the classroom and turn them into magic e words.


In Reading we started our class book “A Man on the Moon”. We enjoyed pretending to be on the moon – some of us even saw aliens! We predicted what the story was about, discussed the main events and asked questions about the story. We will keep reading this next week.

Things to to do at home –

find magic e words (with a) in books you are reading at home

predict and ask questions about different books at home

Maths and Numeracy


This week we have been learning about shape and number patterns. We know that we must spot the pattern before we continue it. If it is a shape pattern we know we repeat the pattern to continue it and if it is a number pattern we need to work out what we are counting up in. This is quite tricky so will keep doing this next week.

Things to do at home –


spot patterns in the environment and discuss why they are patterns

count in different steps (for example you could count how many footsteps you take but count up in 2s)

Expressive Arts

We made aliens with paper, glue and scissors. Some aliens had huge legs and arms!



Please remember to bring your P.E kit every Wednesday and Friday.

Have a lovely weekend!