P5W learning this week 23.04.19

Welcome back!

We have had a very productive week. It has been a great start to the term learning new skills and reflecting and building on skills.

We have enjoyed

  • discovering facts about castles  
  • recapping on adding and subtraction  with 2/3/4/5 digits 
  • looking at apostrophes with plural nouns
  • reminding ourselves of the difference between area and perimeter and that it is important to record them  correctly 
  • looking at fake news and writing a story about April Fool pranks
  • improving our running skills
  • We also explored the work of Romero Britto

Today’s post is a selection of our reflections…….

To help with tables …


We are sorry but we incorrectly wrote Joyeux Paques (Happy Easter ) in the last post . It should have been Joyeuses Pâques as Pâques is feminine and plural.

Have a good weekend!