25.1.19 P3M

Hello Everyone


This week we spoke about the language in the poem My Hoggie by Robert Burns. We discussed the meaning and pronunciation and recited it together. We have been listening to well-know fairy tales in Scots.

We have continued to learn our spelling words through a variety of activities and all wrote a dictation today to test our knowledge.

In reading we are asking and answering written and oral questions about our books.

We were writing our personal star steps for our Learning Stories.

We have been writing sentences to practise using full stops and capital letters correctly.

Things to do at home

Talk about your child’s reading book with them. Ask them questions about the story and characters and get them to make up some questions for you.

Please see previous link to Spelling City for a list of your child’s spelling words and a selection of games for them to play.


Maths and Numeracy

This week we have continued to focus on core number skills. We are practising counting forwards and backwards in 3s and 4s starting from different points.

Things to do at home

Black Panthers-

Determine the number in equal groups- e.g. there are 4 groups of 5, how many altogether? Mental agility: Addition and subtraction in tens- 32+20, 65+30, 47-20 etc. Using our knowledge of doubles, work out doubles plus or minus 1- e.g. 5+6, 6+7 etc

King Cobras-

Subtraction within 20, eg 16-5,14-6 etc. Rolling two dice to make a 2 digit number- write or say the sequence of numbers following on from that number.Mental agility: practise counting forwards and backwards in 3s and 4s.

Snow Leopards –

Determine the number in each group- e.g. The farmer puts 42 eggs equally into 7 boxes. How many eggs are there in each box? Mental agility: Subtracting from a decade number e.g. 70-6,70-9 etc. Addition through a 10 eg 9+5, 8+3 etc.

Other areas of the curriculum

In science we were predicting then testing whether different toys needed a push or pull force to work.

In PE we were travelling using different forms of rolling. We also learned some highland dance steps and used them to come up with a dance sequence of our own.

French- we continued to practise numbers to 20 by playing some games .

Music with the teacher from National Youth Choir Scotland.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey