A busy week in P7R…


We have started our new class novel ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ and have used our questioning skills to predict what might happen.

Last week we learning how to write an investigative scientific report and this week we used our new knowledge to write a report for a different experiment.  We liked predicting our own hypothesis.

Things to do at home…

  • Can you think of an experiment and write it up using: Aim, Method, Results and Conclusion? Don’t forget your Hypothesis!


This week has been all about money, budgeting and comparing costs. We’ve looked at food and travel.

We looked at exchange rates for currency around the world and converted to and from pounds.

Other curricular areas

We are really enjoying our WW2 topic and have created our own bank of questions we hope to answer throughout our learning journey.

This week we have been looking at the main leaders during WW2 and how and why it all began.

We are becoming experts at German greetings…

“Hallo, wie heißt du?”

Have a lovely weekend!

From everyone in P7R! 🙂