P1 Foxes – Week Beginning 21.01.19

Literacy & Reading 
We are continuing our new block of sounds for Term 2. We are still focussing on making new sounds by putting 2 single sounds together. This week we are exploring th and wh. We have also introduced new tricky words ‘be’ and ‘she’.
We really appreciate your support in continuing to revise all sounds and tricky words that we have covered in class, at home. 
New reading books have been issued this week (new books come home on a Wednesday/Thursday). Thank you for signing and commenting in your child’s reading record. (See previous post for information on reading at home).
Below are some tricky words which we are finding tricky to read and remember. Please work on reading and writing these at home: 

  • the 
  • you 
  • go
  • she
  • was
  • saw

Numeracy & Maths 

  • Counting Clapping – you clap and you child copies (to make this more challenging ask your child to cover their eyes!). Ask them to show you on their fingers how many claps there were!  
  • Counting items in two rows. 
  • Subatizing up to 10 – Seeing a number of items and knowing how many of them there are without counting.  Have a look on youtube for Jack Hartman’s subatize rock! 
  • Money – this week we have been continuing to learn how to recognise, sort and order coins and notes from 1p – £10. We have been finding the difference between 1p and 2p,  20p and 50p tricky in class. Keep practicing recognising and sorting money at home.
    • Topmarks website has some fun and interactive money games to play – have a go 


Other Curricular Areas 

  •  ‘Our Environment’ 
  • Following the children’s interest, we have been looking at how pollution is impacting on sealife, in particular, turtles. The children then came up with ideas of how we can help reduce pollution in the sea. Can you think of any more ways you could help the environment at home, with recycling or reducing energy consumption?  
  • We also completed the school ‘Environmental Survey’ to see what more we could do as a school to be kinder to our environment.  

Learning Through Play 

  • Lego – using good communication skills and team work to build towers. 
  • Role Play – communicating with others sharing ideas and resources. 
  • Wet Sand Play – Using items and objects to print shapes and patterns. 
  • Shapes and colours – sorting items based on their shape and colour.