P4W Wonderful Woodland 24.1.19

It has been a busy week of learning in Primary 4W!


Skills we are developing include identifying how authors use setting to create different feelings and moods. We have been visualising the setting described in our class novel ‘Storm’ and making predictions about what could happen next.

Developing these skills at home-

Draw a scene from a book you are reading at home, using details found in the text to add detail.

Make predictions about what will happen next.


We are continuing to develop our spelling skills. Our focus this week is dge.

edge        fridge       bridge        hedge      fudge      smudge

dodge    sledging    judged    trudged

Extra Challenge- cartridge  dislodge   dodgeball     fidgeted

Developing these skills at home-

Look for dge words in books you are reading at home.

Write the words in different coloured pens.

Other skills we are continuing to develop

  • Developing our reading skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Developing our Functional Writing skills. This week we have continued to develop our skills by writing a newspaper report.


Skills we are developing include using strategies to make mental addition calculations.

We are learning to use a variety of methods to make addition calculations including- Traditional, Diamonds, Partitioning on a Grid and Jump. 

Developing our knowledge of telling the time, using analogue and digital clocks.

Developing these skills at home-

Ask your child to teach you one of the methods.

Make ‘real-life’ calculations, each choosing different methods. Do the answers match?




Developing our knowledge of the Vikings.


Developing ICT skills- creating a PowerPoint Presentation.

Developing skills needed for gymnastics.

Keeping ourselves safe.

Have a good weekend!