P5H – 25.1.19

This week in primary 5 we have been very busy.

Mrs Martindate is in our class every Wednesday and Thursday until may.


We have been using our story mountains that we wrote last week to plan a story to tell other classes. We took the plan and made it into a comic strip to help remember our story and to start to think about props that we might need to tell our story.

You can find information about story mountains in here


We have been learning ture endings in spelling, here are our words;

spelling p5 week 11


We have been learning about estimating time. Mrs Martindale gave us some tasks to do, including one where we had to estimate how long had passed and another was estimating how long a task might take and checking our estimate with a stopwatch.

We have started revising our times tables (and division) and completing the ‘Daily10’ to help us with this;


We will be completing this as often as we can in school to try and get quicker at our times tables and division.

We did a times table test to find out the times tables we didn’t know to help us practise them. This sheet will be sent home so you can practise at home too! In the blog post below this one there are loads of tables games to play.


We have been learning about Robert Burns and Burns night, including that he was born in Ayrshire, that haggis is made of sheeps internal organes and that he died when he was 37.

We also learnt about Mary Queen of Scots family tree – she was related to HenryVIII who had 6 wives which he “divorced, beheded, and died, divorced, beheded and survived”! We also found out she married her cousin.

We also looked at the timeline of Mary’s life.