P5HW learning this week 25/1/19

Today’s Reflective blog was written together .


We have started to work on Time looking at calendars and working out the days and weeks between dates. 

In number work we have been practising our times tables. Please see the previous blog with sites giving ideas to practise at home.

We are learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number like 25 x 6 =

We have been learning to work them out using the column method involving carrying numbers.


In Spelling we have been learning words which end in ture

Our tricky words are heard and herd.

We are learning how to be a storyteller and we are working together to make up a story to retell to an audience. This week we put our ideas onto a comic strip and worked out props we may use.

In Literacy Circles  we all took on different jobs . We read them out to our groups and then discussed them .


In Mandarin we learnt the days of the week.

In German we revised colours .

In French we talked about the vocabulary for animals


We are exploring the life of Mary Queen of Scots. We have looked at her family tree and made a timeline of her life.

In PE we made a sequence of movements on benches and mats.

We looked at some of the poems of Robert Burns and designed tartan.

We have talked about the Holocaust as it is Holocaust Week and listened to stories from survivors who are now grandparents .

We made out targets for our Learning Stories which we can share at home.