P7F Reflective Friday 25/1/19


We have been using our note taking skills to learn about HOW WW2 STARTED. In order to do this we were also skimming and scanning. The next day we wrote in groups of three all about what we had remembered. Mrs Ritchie helped to add to our learning with a variety of interesting facts. Each day we have enjoyed watching the Holocaust special on Newsround.

Next step – next week we will be learning about Women’s role in WW2. I wonder if anyone can find out information about Alan Turing?!


We have been multiplying and dividing to help us convert currencies. We know this will help us if we are abroad – it will help us to make sure we are not paying too much for something. This week we have been using calculators and have needed to call upon our rounding skills too! We have added and subtracted amounts during our Budgeting learning. Our research skills have been tested while we search for cheapest flight options.

Next step – to link our Money topic to Rationing.


We read the first two chapters of our new class novel – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. In order to improve our knowledge we created a summary and used skimming and scanning.

In grammar we learned the rules of apostrophes and practised this independently.

In spelling we were shown some common words and then using our knowledge of spelling rules and our visual recognition we wrote these down. We practised these words using Connect 4. We had to co-operate with each other and support each other with our learning.

Next Step – Next we will be reading more of our class novel and engaging with the text with a number of tasks.