P7M Weekkly Blog 25.1.19


This week in literacy we have been focusing on our comprehension skills which we have been developing by reading our class novel When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, and answering questions based on the text. At the start of the week we also studied the political life of Winston Churchill and learned that he led Britain to victory during World War II. In addition to our comprehension work, we also chose our new books literature circles.  We are reading: Blitzcat; Shadow Jumper; The Eagle in the Snow and War Horse as they are all World War II themed.



Our focus in Maths is on money. At the start of the week we were divided into co-operative learning groups where we all had crucial roles to carry out; we had to complete 5 different budgeting activities. We then created group posters to demonstrate our learning. Also this week, we have been learning about Exchanging Money and the Exchange Rate. We have learnt how to convert British money into foreign currencies and vice versa.


Other areas of the curriculum

In PE we have been focusing on our balance and control through gymnastics. To support this we created sequences on the floor and the equipment.

In Social Studies  our desire to learn so many more facts to do with World War II has continued to grow, and coincidentally there have also been two Newsround specials on the Holocaust and Anne Frank during which we listened attentively and took notes. We carried out personal research to learn who the main leaders were and what the key events were during WWII.  We created portraits of all the World War II leaders using the skill of line and shade with charcoal.  The results were amazing!

In Health and Wellbeing our main focus was our Listening and Talking skills where at the start of one lesson we played a game of WWII Whispers.  We also used our drama skills, in pairs, of going into role, to act out a route we took driving around a village. Our goal was to identify directions and landmarks using our listening and observation skills

Valuable information On Monday the 28th January we are having a whole Primary 7 year group memorabilia photo taken as well as individual photos for our Young Scot cards.

Have a great weekend

P7M x