P4W Wonderful Woodland 8.2.19.

It has been a very busy week of learning in Primary 4W!


Skills we are developing include exploring characters using our class novel ‘Storm’,  We are learning to put ourselves in the role of a character to help us understand their feelings, thoughts and actions. We are also developing our vocabulary, identifying words and phrases we can use in our own writing.

Developing these skills at home-

Make a list of interesting words using a book you are reading at home.

Choose two or three words you particularly like, find the meanings and try to use them in everyday conversation.

Put a character from a book you are reading in the ‘HOT SEAT’.  Ask questions about how they are feeling.


We are continuing to develop our spelling skills. Our focus this week is tch when ch follows a short vowel.

fetch  ditch  patch  witch  stretch  snatch  catch  pitched stitching

Extra Challenge- patchwork   blotchy   kitchen   itchiest

Tricky words- does  goes

Developing these skills at home-

Look for words containing tch in a  book you are reading at home.

Write the words in different colours/ different styles of writing.


Other skills we are continuing to develop

  • Developing our reading skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Developing our Functional Writing skills. We are continuing to develop our skills by writing a newspaper report.

Developing these skills at home- share the first paragraph of a newspaper/online report. Does it contain all the features of a Lead paragraph- who, what, where, why, when?


Skills we are developing include using strategies to make subtraction calculations.

We are learning to use a variety of methods to make subtraction calculations including using a 100 square, our knowledge of fact families, partitioning an ‘jumping’ on a number line.

Developing our knowledge of telling the time, using analogue and digital clocks.

Developing these skills at home-

Make links between an addition fact and others in its fact family.

9+8=17   so  17-9=8

90+80=170  so  170-90 = 80




Developing our knowledge of the Vikings.


Developing ICT skills- creating a PowerPoint Presentation.

‘Leading the learning’ by sharing our learning with children from P4B and P4G.

Developing gymnastic skills.

Developing our knowledge of electricity and how it is produced.


Have a good week!