P2c Reflective Friday 1.2.19



Our spellinwg pattern this week is the split digraph o-e, or ‘magic e’ . We have learned how adding a  silent e to a word with a short o sound can turn it into a stretchy sound like oa eg rod – rode

We learned the cursive formation of  t

We have new ‘free writing’ jotters where we can write anything we choose. We have had fun creating stories together.



We finished  ‘ The owl who was afraid of the dark’

Please continue to revise your tricky spelling  words using the spelling city word lists ( accessed via the link below.)

We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class.

You may wish to use our Spelling City class page to play games and revise the tricky spelling words. n.b. this site works best on a laptop, but there is a free app available for tablets

Numeracy and maths

We are continuing practising number pattern erns, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s 3s 4s and  off decade 10s ( eg 3,23,23,33 etc )pattern. Our next step is to be able to count backwards in these patterns as well.

We continued to practise counting amounts of money.



Other areas of the curriculum.

  • We have been learning about nocturnal animals – please ask us to share our knowledge with you.
  • We created posters demonstrating what we know.
  • We watched  a show with Professor Eco.
  • On Thursday, Lesley and Lorraine spoke to us at assembly about caring for our world.  They were astounded at all the fabulous ideas we had.
  • We have been learning to hold a hockey stick and dribble a ball.




Some of our questions -( just a few, we had lots):

  • What do Owls eat?
  • Do owls lose their teeth?
  • How dark is the night?
  • What colour is the darkness ?
  • How does the moon move?
  • How does the moon change shape?
  • How do stars twinkle?
  • How are stars made?
  • Which animals like the night?
  • How big is space?

If you have any expertise you could share with us around our topic please do get in touch.

Things you could do at home…

Using real coins, practise giving change. – I used 10p to buy a pencil that costs 8p, can you give me the correct change? Increase the amounts to increase the challenge.

Play this game – there are several levels of difficulty to choose.

Look in books and newspapers for magic e words with o

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. If you want a challenge, try 3s, 4s and off decade 10s  – extra challenge, counting backwards in these patterns.

Practise writing some cursive letters. Perhaps you could write your name in cursive.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please look at the night sky – what can you see?

Read a book that interests you

Get active – any way you choose.