P2M – What we have been learning this week 01.02.19


This week we continued with magic e – specifically o-e. Words we looked at include home, hole, alone, zone and cone. We know the o turns to a stretchy sound and sounds like O.

We re-started our work on tricky words. Please ask your child which colour words they are and see the list below to practise at home (writing and reading them).

I, is, the, his, to, put, he, was, me, want, saw, no

go, be, she, are, they, all, some, come, said, one, you, her, of, were, there, into, here, do, as

so, very, every, two, only, over, any, water, many, would, should, could, where, why, find, kind. 

We finished reading “Man on the Moon”. We pretended to be aliens and thought about what life would be like on earth if we were an alien.

Our group books started this week – please keep reading at home! 🙂



Things to do at home:

spot magic e words in books you are reading – talk about the sound the o makes 


Maths and Numeracy

This week we started our block on Money.

We revisited what the coins look like and started to make up amounts with coins (under £1 for most). We enjoyed making the amounts and will continue to do this next week.

Things to do at home:

practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s backwards


talk about money – show coins and even let your child pay for things in shops


Professor ECO show

We had an ECO show presented by Professor ECO! He discussed the different ways we can save energy and look after our school.




Have a lovely weekend!