P3T WB 28/1/19


We have been practising writing our numbers the correct way round.

We are reading Flat Stanley and we looked at events from other character’s points of view.

We are learning to write a time travel story and we looked at an example and looked at the structure (the parts of the story)

At Home: You can summarise stories or chapters read and pick out the important events.


We have been further practising our number bonds and using these to add numbers together.

At Home: Further practise   www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button


We have been researching about pyramids and creating our own fact book page.


We have been painting desert sunsets and using shading.

We were lucky to have Generation Science in to talk to us about making things fizzy. We did lots of experiments and mixed different liquids and solids to see if they would go fizzy. We had loads of fun dressed up with aprons and goggles!

We read the book Rosie Revere Engineer which was about a girl called Rosie who made things. We learned that if you give up, you fail. You need to keep trying! If you get things wrong you need to keep trying.

In PE we practised our rolls in gymnastics.