P4G Reflective Friday Week Beginning 28th January 2019

Another busy week in P4 Giggling Tokyo class!


  • We wrote our own diary entries from the perspective of Will or Marty from The Legend of Spud Murphy (thinking about writing in the first person).
  • Our Spelling pattern for this week was soft g.  Here is the link below.
  • week13softg
  • In Handwriting we wrote out a poem thinking about the correct layout and using our neatest cursive handwriting.
  • In Reading we continued to take on the Word Finder role and look for new, interesting and unknown words in our books.

Ideas for home learning:

  • Read at home- remember the reading challenge sheets you took home.  Well done to those children who have been reading extra at home.
  • Write your own diary entry.
  • Play a game or make an activity using your spelling words- for example a word search or a game of hangman.

Numeracy and Maths:

  • In time we continued to learn about am and pm times and the 24 hour digital clock.
  • We continued our take away beat-thats.
  • In subtraction we have been using 100 squares and empty number lines to help us to solve take away calculations.  We worked on taking away with 1 and 2 digit numbers from a 2 digit number (and from a 3 digit number for those needing an extra challenge).

Ideas for home learning:

  • Here is a link to a game where you can practise your speed at take-away, addition, multiplication and division.
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/mental-maths-train
  • Can you show an adult how to use an empty number line to solve a take away sum?  For example, 87-9, 94-6, 64-15, 151-12, 243-25.  Remember to take away to the next tens number if this is helpful for you.
  • Keep trying to tell the time at home.  Could you help to set your own alarm clock?  Could you set a timer on the oven?  Where can you see examples of time in your own house?

Other Areas:

  • We finished presenting our scripted drama about Little Red Riding Hood.
  • In Gym we worked on coordination, concentration and awareness of space.
  • In Topic we learnt about the Lewis Chessmen and designed our own.  We also learnt about Viking Heaven- Valhalla- made posters or leaflets about this and next week we will teach the other P4 classes.
  • Mrs Ritchie gave us all a talk about Electricity.  

Ideas for home learning:

  • Can you tell someone at home all about the Lewis Chessmen?  If you cant remember, have a look online for some interesting facts.  Here is a link below:
  • https://kids.kiddle.co/Lewis_chessmen