P5H – 25.1.19

Here is what we have been up to in P5H this week!


We have started making some story sticks. As story stick is a stick where you attach props from your story to help you remember it and re-tell the story. We will use them on Monday when we are telling our stories to P3. There are some pictures of us hunting for our story sticks below!

We have been learning ‘ous’ endings in spelling, here are our words;


When Mrs Martindale was in we learnt about ‘fake news’. We got given a news article about a wonman who got hit by a flying hotdog. We had to read it and highlight some of the key parts and then summarise the story. At the end we had a vote to see if it was fake or not. We thought it was fake – it turns out it was REAL!!



We have been learning about column multiplication with two or three digits multiplied by one digit. We played some board games, there are some pictures below of us playing.

We have been doing Daily10 in class, we work in a group to complete a times table or division and try and get as many right as we can.

Remember to keep on playing Daily10 to help with times tables and division. If you do really well, write it in our homework highlights book in class!


We have also started to learn about clocks and telling the time. This week we revised over times to and past from P4. If you have a watch, please start wearing it to school to help us with our time learining.


We have learnt all about Mary’s early life when she moved to France. We have found out about her first husband, Francis II of France and he died of an ear infection one year after Mary and Him got married.

We took part in the Big Bird Watch in the playground. Mrs Martindale took us in groups round the playground to look for different types of birds. When we saw a bird we tallied our results on a sheet.

We have been learning how to use Excel. We were doing addition, we had to type it in a certain way into the cell to get it to give you the answer.