P5HW learning this week 8/2/19

Today’s Reflective blog was written together .


We continued to learn about Time. We did a number of activities to do with Time . We rotated in groups so we all took part in them all..

In number work we continued to practise  our times tables daily.We continued to learn to multiply 2 , 3 and 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number like 2556 x 6 =

We are learning to transfer our multiplication to work out word problems


In Spelling we have been learning to add ves to words with  f  to make them plural like knife to knives 

Our tricky words to date are….

would, world, very,every,threw , through, heard, herd, own, one, school, country, between, begin,ever never

We re wrote our stories we had told to P3 in our books. We concentrated on describing words and openers aswell as punctuation.

We are learning how to use quotation marks correctly. We also worked on our handwriting.


In Mandarin we celebrated Chinese New Year by dong a few activities like picking up marshmallows using chopsticks and making things with paper.

In French we continued to learn the names of animals.

In German we revised colours.

Topic We continued to explore the life of Mary Queen of Scots .

We looked at her early life spent in France and her marriage to Francis. We discussed whether she had made good choices in her life.

We discussed food eaten  in Tudor times. We discovered that rich Tudors ate lots of meat Some about 2 kg a day so we measured how that felt in weight.

In PE we were learning how to handle and use large apparatus. We made up movement sequences on the large apparatus. It was great fun

In Art we have began pictures in the style of Steven Brown using oil pastels. The background is a castle from the life of Mary Queen of Scots.

In drama we learned how to mime different emotions. We used a chair as an object.

We learned the effects of jumping in puddles in the playground!

Have a good holiday week!